Relais&Chateaux 11-2020-175

Maintaining the annual and international Relais & Châteaux congress in a context of social distancing

Last Tuesday 17 November, our digital studio hosted the annual Relais & Châteaux congress set up under the theme “The Time is Now”, in a health context, rethought fully digital but still in an international format.

The notion of time as the main theme of this congress was not a coincidence; with catering and hotel business activities severely slowed down by the health context, “the time” needs to be optimised in order to start doing, to bounce back and to reinvent itself. Usually considered to bring together all the members spread all over the world, this congress, which was to be stayed in Copenhagen, met the challenge of bringing together and federating the members, a good way of maintaining links despite the miles separating them. Given that, the congress brought together 1200 members from 62 countries!

Cultivating the soul of the 3 days of the Rendez-vous Relais & Châteaux in 3 digitalised hours was the second challenge for the Hopscotch Event teams. Keeping the usuals key moments such as the general meeting, round-table discussions, key-speakers (such as the inspiring athlete Philippe Croizon), and the awards, but in a more concise way, allowed the event to rewrite the history but retaining its fundamentals.

To enable all members to attend the various meeting lives, two sessions were held, one in the morning for the Asia and Europe teams and one in the evening for the American teams.

An exceptional session at 5pm (Paris time) enabled all time zones to agree, allowing members and partners of the Rendez-vous Relais & Châteaux to connect by video for the award ceremony. Orchestrated beforehand, everyone had received an experiential kit and a dress code to experience this moment of conviviality.

All the teams of the Hopscotch group would like to warmly thank the Relais & Châteaux teams for their trust and faithfulness.

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