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Publics Relations

Our ambition: To create, develop and protect your Relationship Capital. We are convinced that the value of companies lies in their ability to create a link and a lasting commitment with their publics. In the era of societal and digital transformation, we […]

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It is our conviction that an event-based system is essential and central to our customers’ public appearances. Stirring curiosity and offering moments of exception to secure audience engagement means, first and foremost, offering memorable experiences. Based in Paris but operating all over […]

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STR!KE, Collective Intelligence

STR!KE is Hopscotch’s own creative, 360-degree and inclusive way to create faster new and ambitious campaigns with you. Our conviction: working with you in innovative workshops is the best way to build effective, original campaigns that look like you! To achieve this, […]

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Private: Content & Design

Content & Design is the content creation and production studio that works alongside brands and public institutions in their quest for meaning, signs and relational success. Content: telling the story of your brand, your expertise, the story of your company, managers and […]

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Our team of specialists in organising professional meetings and congresses works primarily in the health sector, but also serves scientific communities, institutions and professional federations. It is structured around 3 strategic centres: PCO, or Professional Conference Organisation; Association Management, which is dedicated […]

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Our know-how: offering a unique and personalised experience in keeping with the codes of luxury names and the colours of their events. We work with you to develop a “hand-stitched” programme around each of your major events: private viewings, fashion shows, biennials, […]

Hopscotch travel
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Unique and singular, each of our trips offers a new perspective made of emotion, sharing, discovery and generosity. We craft each encounter into a powerful and memorable moment, for those departing as well as those arriving… The support we provide to our […]

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Multi-player projects

A Specificity of Hopscotch Group, multi-stakeholder programmes are tailored, agile and adaptive communication and mobilisation programmes that enable communities driven by the same challenge to come together under a single banner. Constantly on the look-out, the multi-player task force takes action on […]

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Good adventures start with good encounters. That is how Hopscotch Luxe was born. A great combination of experience with big luxury brands and a “next generation” sensitivity, mixing contemporary art and pop culture. What do we get? A vibrant team endorsed to […]

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